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John Gray SeaCanoe did get the SKAL Ecotourism Award
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Thailand Kayaking Tours with John Gray Sea Canoe

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John Gray Sea Canoes have been skimming across crystal clear waters taking visitors on unforgettable, eye-opening voyages of ecological discovery and wonderment since 1983.  Intrepid explorers who take the plunge and join a John Gray kayak tour soon come to understand the company motto: “We don’t do anything normal!” And it is well-chosen indeed, as John Gray tours go above and beyond to ensure the experience of a lifetime for all involved.

Award-winning eco-tourism

As one of ASEAN’s premier companies for Thailand kayaking tours and more, John Gray’s Sea Canoe tours aims to help people learn more about the natural world with nothing but the best quality resources and the most ethical practices. With a huge focus on ecological sensitivity and sustainability, the company is acutely aware of its responsibilities to preserve and protect one of Mother Nature’s most glorious locations.

Proud to be awarded a SKAL International Eco Tourism award in 2008, John Gray Sea Canoes are widely recognised and respected in Phuket and beyond. The team works hard to play an active, positive role in the local community and give back in any way they can to the gracious people of Thailand.

Environmentally friendly kayaking tours in Thailand

Since an early age, John Gray has been besotted with the natural world and concerned about the environment and our negative impact upon it. The ‘activist spirit’ instilled in him by his beloved mother lives on in John and drives his desire to keep all elements of the company as natural and harmonious as possible.

All John Gray tours are designed to:

  • Have the lowest possible impact on the environment 
  • Make the most of the incredible beauty and diversity the region has to offer 
  • Create memories that will live long and always bring a smile to the face

John gets great personal pleasure and a huge sense of achievement watching his valued clients disembarking excitedly, full of appreciation and incredible memories that will not fade.

If you have the benefit of time on your hands, we highly recommend you spend a full day in the islands marvelling at the flora and fauna, getting a true introduction to the addictive world of sea kayaking. If you have the energy, this trip works perfectly in tandem with our Hong by Starlight package for a day/evening you will truly never forget.

Contact John Gray’s Sea Canoe today

Whether the delights of Phang Nga Bay by daylight or getting some great snapshots of the world-famous James Bond island are more your style, a John Gray booking is the perfect solution. It guarantees you the very best service, local knowledge and the most fulfilling experience you will find anywhere. 

If you would like to learn more details about anything from our Thailand kayaking tours to the sustainable, chemical-free nature of the food we provide or John Gray trip prices, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. Our enthusiastic, experienced staff members will be only too happy to help.

Tempted? Don’t put it off; book your adventure today!

Why let another opportunity of real adventure and excitement slip by?


Enjoy an afternoon exploring a sea cave inside Phang Nga Bay’s marine geology including caves and hidden lagoons.


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Launch yourself on a trip in a lifetime.

Free round trip to your Phuket hotel

Arrive and depart in memorable style

Light lunch and dinner

Only the best quality food is good enough for our fellow adventurers.

National park fees

These are included in our initial charges

Experienced, qualified Guides

To ensure absolute safety and lasting memories.


Lonely planet
Lonely planet
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The original, still the most reputable and by far the most ecologically sensitive company on the island. Like any good brand in Thailand, John Gray’s ‘Seacanoe’ name and itineraries have been frequently copied. Located north of Phuket Town.
Phuket Magazine
Phuket Magazine
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There are not too many people in the world who would choose to call themselves “Ling Yai” - Thai for Big Monkey - or have their employees refer to them by that name. But John Gray is proud of the nickname. He signs off his emails with it, even adding another nickname, “Caveman”, which was given to him by fellow runners in the Hash House Harriers. So John Gray is an unusual man. He’s also fascinating to talk with - a passionate, 24/7 environmental activist with a sense of humor to match his sense of mission.
@Bart Beeson
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Lying flat in my kayak to float under the rock wall just inches above my nose, I couldn't help wondering how long until the tide would rise, trapping my fellow kayakers and me on the far side of the bat-filled cave we had just paddled through. But after emerging into the secluded, pristine lagoon, with sheer limestone cliffs rising up to the blue sky above, and a family of macaque monkeys descending from the trees, I was in no hurry to leave.

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