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“Best Mean of My Entire Vacation”

You’ve read it many times “Best Meal of Our Entire Vacation – on a Boat”

The same comment is constantly repeated in our Trip Advisor reviews.

Here is why:

  • John worked in Cancer Epidemiology asCommunications Director for the Epic USA National Cancer Institute Epidemiology study, 1950-1980. Once the groundbreaking results were conclusive NCI hired John away from his Award winning Aloha United Way “Spirit of O’hana” fundraising campaigns that revolutionized Hawai’i society – “O’hana” is “Family” in Hawaiian. We are all members in the “O’hana” of humankind.

    The results were so conclusive John promoted “Eat Less Red Meat” and chemical free food including:

    Fruits and vegetables
    Red Meat
    Free Range Chicken
    Net caught seafood
    Brown, Red, Black Rice
    All the food you enjoy on John Gray SeaCanoe comes from these sources.
    As population grows:
    As Diets decline:
    As resources dwindle:
    As Diet-related diseases rise:
    Healthy, ecological food becomes more important every day


    Our vegetables are “aeroponic”. In the 90’s John was Marketing and Ecotourism consultant for the Singapore Tourist Board. He coined “Natural Singapore” and “Uniquely Singapore” promotion campaigns, and developed a one-week Ecotourism program – all inside Singapore. One element of this package is an aeroponic farm. John encouraged the owners to start up in Phuket – and they did. Today, enjoy their great, chemical free veggies.


    Extremely important in the era of climate change and population growth, net caught seafood is chemical free, very healthy. Shrimp and fish farms are not only unhealthy, they are unenvironmental. Farmed shrimp and fish is

    -Fed a chemical diet packed with so many antibiotics it is carcinogenic (cancer causing)
    -Fed with “pellets” similar to dog food, totally unnatural. This “meal” is not only carcinogenic(cancer causing), the shrimp are mushy and tasteless. You know, you get this “junk food” in hotels all the time.
    -Farmed shrimp are such a hazard international law now requires market shrimp to be labeled as “farmed” or “Net Caught”. Of course inThailand’s hotels and restaurants, all that matters is maximizing profits. Once you pay the bill, they could care less if you live or die.
    -Shrimp farms extract mangroves, one of the major environmental issues of our times.
    oMangroves are the hatcheries of the sea,
    oMangroves prevent erosion, actually “grow” land.
    oMangroves are Tsunami barriers
    oMangroves support multi-species ecosystems.
    -Before you book you hotel, ask if they promote net caught shrimp. It’s an indicator of their responsibility to the environment and the guest (you).
    When you support “Net Caught” you do a favor to Mother Earth, your family and yourself. Fish farms parallel the same issues as shrimp – poisonous and bad taste.


    Nothing is more inhumane than a “Chicken factory”. When born, male chickens are immediately killed – they don’t lay eggs.

    The “lucky” females are packed in cages so tightly they beaks are cut off so they don’t peck each other’seyes out. They are fed methamphetamine “Ya Ba” so they will lay ten eggs a day instead of one. The eggs you eat are packed with “ya ba”. You can prevent this with “smart shopping” for your family. On vacation it’s more difficult – most tourist restaurants and hotels could care less. Once you pay the bill they don’t care if you live or die – it’s all about maximizing profit.

    John Gray’s “Best Meal of our Entire Vacation” is no accident. We choose our suppliers carefully, we go shopping at 5AM every morning to buy “healthy, fresh, best” because you, our customers, count as human beings.

Enjoy what others before you say in Trip Advisor reviews “The Best Meal of Our Entire Vacation”.