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John Gray's Seacanoe

Ling Yai (Thai for 'Big Monkey') | John Caveman Gray


Caveman’s parents were serious environmentalists – they met climbing Mount Whitney on a 1930’s Sierra Club outing. When Little Johnny came along it was linen napkins at the family dinner table – never paper. Little Johnny crawled into California seas at six months and a lady shouted to Johnny’s mother “Lady, your baby is drowning in the waves!” Johnny tumbled on a wave, did a belly flop on the sand – and came up laughing. His Mother laughed “If he’s that stupid just let him keep on going.”

So he did.

In first grade Johnny had a pet white pigeon. “Junior” flew to school every day and sat on Johnny’s shoulder in class - the World’s most educated pigeon. One day his teacher Mrs. Waterhouse walked Johnny home. He worried Mrs. Waterhouse wouldn’t let Junior come to school any more.

Mrs. Waterhouse knocked on the door and said “Mrs. Gray, I walked Johnnie home to tell you his is the most remarkable student in my 30 year career.”

Thank goodness – Junior kept going to school.

That night Johnny’s Mom took him outside in a 1950 full moon.

“Little Johnny you are remarkable. You are a “Human Being” - the most remarkable machine we know in the Universe. As a human you can do anything you want. One day – if you really want – you can even fly to the Moon –- if you never forget you are nothing but an overgrown Monkey!”

Keep balanced, control your ego – and your potential is endless.

In the early 50’s Johnny and his Dad made plywood kayaks in the family garage, and paddled them from their Newport Beach Lido Island family homestead. When he was 12 Johnny was bodysurfing “The Wedge” and was SCUBA certified the same year.

The family bought a camper with trailered boat and spent every Christmas and Easter in Mexico – SCUBA diving, water skiing, fishing and making friends with the Mexican mariners in the Gulf of California.

In 1960 the Gray’s spent the summer visiting every National Park west of the Misissipipi River - sleeping in the camper. Walking to a Yellowstone campfire, Johnnie told his brother Tom to walk the middle of the trail “A grizzly Bear could just scoop you into the bushes”. Sure enough, a few more meters and a giant Silverback male emerged from the undergrowth, turn up the path and walked right between the brothers. “Just keep walking – no fast movements and don’t get excited.” It worked – the Grizzly walked right between the brothers. Without looking back they walked another 50 meters then ran to the campfire. No harm done and the next day the grizzly was caught and released in the high range.

Back in California we took our boat to the Catalina Island isthmus every week-end – Johnnie water skiing 26 miles of smooth seas every Saturday morning and fighting the huge afternoon swells on the Sunday afternoon return – surrounded by blue shark fins reminding Johnny he couldn’t take a tumble.

John’s Mother created an environmental warrior – other stories tell the tale - after spending two childhood years in a traditional Japanese house in Sendai - starting in 1952.


In another life John Gray was a Professional Communicator (first published in the USA in 1957) and Corporate troubleshooter – literally a household work in Hawai’i. John was

“John Gray, You Better Sit Down - - - -Because you just won an EMMY Award!

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Hong by Starlight

Hong by Starlight
Lunch & Dinner : Round Trip Transfers

Enjoy an afternoon of sea cave exploring literally inside Phang Nga Bay’s marine geology, - including the caves and hidden lagoons John Gray found in 1989. Great nature and wildlife surrounds you...

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Day in The Islands

Day in The Islands
Phuket Private Charter Day Trip

We added this second day trip of self-paddle kayaking for satisfied caves/hongs customers who want more, and for claustrophobics.Throw some kayaks on the cabin and "pai teau"...

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Phang-Nga Bay : 2Days/1Night

A Week-End Getaway for regional adventurers, an overnight transfer to Krabi, or a night out of crazy Patong, the Expedition Express packs your brain with a minimum Twenty-Eight Hours of Top Quality...

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Phang-Nga Bay : 3Days/2Nights

Combine our Khao Sok Mini-Expedition with our famous Phang Nga Sea Kayaking Mini-Expedition for an excellent week of Thai mountain and sea adventure. Combine Khao Sok with our 7-Day...

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Khao Sok Ntional Park

Khao Sok National Park
Khao Sok Ntional Park : 4Days/3Nights

Khao Sok is Thailand’s largest lake, artificially made by a hydro-electric dam. We depart from the dam by longtail boat and never see any trace of civilization until we return...

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South Thailand Adventure

South Thailand Adventure
Phang-Nga Bay - Tarutao : 7Days/6Nights

Spend 3 days exploring Phang Nga Bay, overnight near the Peninsula's summit at a waterfall/wildlife sanctuary with a mountain cave and jungle stream, then finish with 3 nights and days at Tarutao in the Far South...

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