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Eight years after the Bomb, Suzie, our Japanese maid, said “From Here To Eternity” is playing at the Base Theater – I want to see the American version of ‘Pearl Harbor. “

No problem.  Off we went to the movies!
The next morning the Base Commander called my Mom.
“Mrs. Gray, Did you go to the movies last night?”
“Sure did.  Our maid wanted to see the movie.”
“Did you sit in officers seating?”
“Of course.  My husband is an officer.”
“That’s the problem.  Your maid is a Japanese National and she sat in Officers seating.”
“Really?  Is there a law against that?”
“No law - - - it just isn’t done.”
“Is there an Army Regulation against that?”
“No law and no regulation.  In that case, I think tonight we will take Suzy to dinner in the Officers’ Club!”

And we did.  Scandalous.

As we paid the bill, we noticed the casino right across from the cash register – a dark hole with ominous flashing lights.

“Suzie, before we go home let’s go in the casino and play the One-Armed Bandit.”

It was the only time I ever gambled – an addiction worse than drugs.  

Americans, when you vote remember that Donald Trump made his money on Atlantic City casinos.  How many lives and families did he ruin in the process?  How many Mob connections to bring those casinos “On line”?  Trump doesn’t care as long as he makes more money! The “House” isn’t there to lose money – just to take your money.

My Los Angeles family goes back to at least 1870.  When I was growing up we owned land forever, including a chunk of fashionable Lido Isle in Newport Beach.  One day I visited my Grandmother – very proper British aristocracy - she was endorsing a decimeter high stack of Blue Chip dividend checks – Grandmother said, “John, you are my first born grandson – one day this will be all yours.”

I never saw a penny.  Gambling is the worst addiction of them all.

Hong by Starlight

Hong by Starlight
Lunch & Dinner : Round Trip Transfers

Enjoy an afternoon of sea cave exploring literally inside Phang Nga Bay’s marine geology, - including the caves and hidden lagoons John Gray found in 1989. Great nature and wildlife surrounds you...

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Day in The Islands

Day in The Islands
Phuket Private Charter Day Trip

We added this second day trip of self-paddle kayaking for satisfied caves/hongs customers who want more, and for claustrophobics.Throw some kayaks on the cabin and "pai teau"...

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Phang-Nga Bay : 2Days/1Night

A Week-End Getaway for regional adventurers, an overnight transfer to Krabi, or a night out of crazy Patong, the Expedition Express packs your brain with a minimum Twenty-Eight Hours of Top Quality...

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Phang-Nga Bay : 3Days/2Nights

Combine our Khao Sok Mini-Expedition with our famous Phang Nga Sea Kayaking Mini-Expedition for an excellent week of Thai mountain and sea adventure. Combine Khao Sok with our 7-Day...

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Khao Sok Ntional Park

Khao Sok National Park
Khao Sok Ntional Park : 4Days/3Nights

Khao Sok is Thailand’s largest lake, artificially made by a hydro-electric dam. We depart from the dam by longtail boat and never see any trace of civilization until we return...

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South Thailand Adventure

South Thailand Adventure
Phang-Nga Bay - Tarutao : 7Days/6Nights

Spend 3 days exploring Phang Nga Bay, overnight near the Peninsula's summit at a waterfall/wildlife sanctuary with a mountain cave and jungle stream, then finish with 3 nights and days at Tarutao in the Far South...

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